2008/02: Electronic contracting in Europe

Electronic contracting in Europe - Benchmarking of national contract rules of United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Norway in light of the EU E-commerce directive

This work considers the general rules on contract formation, and how the European Union regulates or attempts to regulate electronic contracting. In particular, this work explores contract formation rules in four European countries: United Kingdom (in particular England), Germany, Italy and Norway. It studies how these countries have implemented Article 11 of the EU E-commerce Directive in their respective national legislations, and provides country-specific chapters featuring a concise summary of national laws and practices. As such, this work can serve as a practical handbook for students, lawyers, business practitioners, or other parties interested in knowing the legal requirements of contract formation in the countries under consideration.

Maryke Silalahi Nuth is a research fellow at the Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law (NRCCL), University of Oslo. She is currently writing her PhD-thesis on legal issues relating to forming contracts online. She has previously worked as an advocate with corporate and commercial laws as her principal area of practice.

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