2008/01: Internet Search Engines' collecting and processing of web pages

Ingvild Jørgensen

Internet Search Engines' collecting and processing of web pages - from the perspective of Copyright law

Today there is a massive focus on the copyright-related issues that arise in relation to the Internet. The attention is mainly concentrated around file sharing. There is little or no focus on the search engines that operate online, even though these have existed for over 10 years and have a massive presence on the Internet. Is it so that the search engines actually are copying web pages and, if so, is it in violation of the creators’ copyright?

This thesis looks at two aspects in regard to the search engines’ operations; the indexing of web pages, and the caching of web pages. These issues are regarded from the perspective of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic works, EC Directives and Norwegian legislation.

This thesis was written by Ingvild Jørgensen as a part of her Master of Law degree at the Faculty of Law, University of Tromsø. She is now completing the final year of her degree while working as the general manager at Jusshjelpa i Nord-Norge.

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